Minecraft has actually launched its last update for last-gen consoles After 73 spots on Xbox 360 alone

Minecraft has officially wrapped on updating the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, as well as Wii U versions of the video game, with the Problem Before Xmas Mash-up Load capping points off for those platforms.

4J Studios validated the information in a Twitter article, urging individuals to post their memories of Minecraft for last-gen gaming consoles.Download Minecraft PE mods,maps,textures and more fromĀ https://mcpedb.com

To be reasonable, Minecraft has actually sustained those platforms for a while currently. The Xbox 360 version released back in 2012, with PS3 following a year later and also PS Vita as well as Wii U obtaining the game in October 2014 and December 2015, respectively.

There’s been a total of 73 updates for the Xbox 360 variation of Minecraft considering that launch, and because time the video game has actually scratched up over 21 million gamers for Microsoft’s last-gen maker. Not too shoddy, eh?

As for Minecraft all at once, well, the game rates as the second very successful video game ever before, behind Tetris.